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Jun 21

10 reasons to buy an RCA Victor Radio

RCA Victor was a top of the line radio when the cabinet was as important as the electronics in 1931.

E.E. Long Piano Company touted 10 big improvements as selling points of this new RCA Victor Radio in this ad from October 12, 1931. Here they are but they are not as amusing as the lists David Letterman reads. 1. Automatic volume control. 2, NINE tubes 3. New RCA Victor Super-Heterodyne with Pentode tubes. 4. …

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Mar 08

Captain Buffoon, mornings on KSLY


Radio used to be entertaining. Decades ago it was local and staffed with real humans, the playlist was broader than the same 50 songs you have heard since for the last 30 years. There was room for surprise. Today most of the stuff that sprays over the airwaves is the sonic equivalent of cheese whiz. …

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