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Feb 08

Convertable icebox and refrigerator

Advertisement from January 19, 1943 for a convertible icebox-refrigerator from Wards.

Rationing during World War II forced some companies to come up with new marketing strategies. Perhaps Wards had a bunch of refrigerators made without the cooling units and needed to unload them. Perhaps they could only get enough material to make the ice box. In any case they were offering a modern looking ice box …

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Jun 16

Midway and the Coral Sea, rationing – World War II week by week

News of the Lexinton and the battle of Midway in this edition of the Telegram-Tribune June 12, 1942.

Details on two major sea battles in the Pacific were beginning to sift onto the front pages of the then Telegram-Tribune. Censors had delayed the release of information. The battle of the Coral Sea was over a month ago but the loss of the Lexington was revealed June 12, 1942. The damage to the Japanese …

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