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May 31

Building Niblick Bridge in Paso Robles

Municipal Services Director Jay Lyon checks progress on the Niblick bridge. His tenure began with the 13th Street Bridge.

When Jay Lyon retired as Paso Robles municipal services director it was a chance to review accomplishments and predict the future. Phil Dirkx wrote a story and sidebar that ran February 26, 1987 and here are a few of the highlights. Jay Lyon, Paso Robles municipal services director will finish his city career the same …

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Jan 07

Salinas Dam water tunnel completed under Cuesta Grade, World War II week by week

After tunneling toward each other since early July from opposite sides of the mountain just west of the Cuesta, William Ward, foreground, and Bob Becham, right, congratulate themselves upon holing through last week. Thirty-nine men worked in three daily shifts in each portal of the mile long tunnel which will serve Camp San Luis Obispo and San Luis Obispo with water from the Upper Salinas river dam. The tunnel is six and one-half feet by eight and one-half feet and will be concrete lined. Joe DeMillita is superintendent of operations. Photo by Rodney Johnson

The year dawned with news of American and Philippine troops trying to hold ground against repeated attacks. Manila and the naval base at Cavite fell into Japanese hands as Allied troops formed a line at the top of Bataan Peninsula. This and the fortified island of Corregidor would deny use of Manila Bay to the …

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Dec 04

Japan Denies War Move, World War II week by week

The Friday December 5 Telegram-Tribune was filled with lies. Japan told the United States that the nation’s troop concentrations in French Indo-China (Vietnam) were in accord with the Nazi controlled French Vichy government. Peace negotiations continued in Washington D.C. as the Japanese war fleet was within two days of Pearl Harbor. Admiral Isoruko Yamamoto had …

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Sep 27

Train wreck, Salinas Dam construction World War II week by week

September 20, 1941 Telegram-Tribune front page Lucky no one was killed. A San Miguel taxicab skidded and stalled on the Southern Pacific railroad tracks at 1:30 A.M. The awkward angle made removal difficult from the ranch crossing. The Camp Roberts soldiers who had been passengers went far enough down the rails to flag the oncoming …

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Feb 29

1965 Paso Robles 13th St. Bridge

Paso Robles bottleneck This old bridge across the Salinas River at 13th Street in Paso Robles has seen better days, but replacement of the 50-year-old structure awaits city council financing, an estimated $250,000 project. (T-T photo)   Having just lived through the traffic backups during an expansion of the 13th Street bridge, Roblans will no …

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