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Oct 11

San Luis High girl’s tennis team

San Luis Obispo High School tennis team from 1901.

Caption from the May 11, 1956 Centurama edition of the Telegram-Tribune for a Fitzhugh photograph. (His studio was a regular newspaper advertiser in the late 1800s.) ‘THE TENNIS CLUB’…Pictured in the first issue of the “Meteor,” high school annual for the class of 1901, is the bevy of young maidens entitled “The Tennis club,” I. …

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Aug 26

Play it twice Freddie, We Are the Champions

A crowd gathers in San Luis Obispo's Mission Plaza to celebrate college and high school football championships.  Telegram-Tribune/Wayne Nicholls

Unprecedented in the state and perhaps the nation, one city simultaneously celebrated university and high school football championships. The magical season began thirty years ago for Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo High School. San Luis had lost to Lompoc earlier in the season 15-11. The Tigers finished the season with a 7-0 upset win …

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Jun 08

Ed Brown quarterback with the Tigers, Dons, Bears, Steelers

Ed Brown Chicago Bears 1959 Topps trading card

Few local sports talents are able to play successfully at the professional level. Charles Edward Brown had a long 12 season career as kicker, punter and quarterback in the physically punishing NFL. He supplanted two future Pro Football Hall of Famers to become starting quarterback, George Blanda at Chicago and Bobby Layne at Pittsburgh. The …

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May 27

1901 SLOHS Track Team


TRACK TEAM OF 1901: The San Luis Obispo High School was admitted to the Southern California interscholastic Athletic Association for the first time in 1901 and entered its first met under league membership in April of that year at Santa Barbara. Members of the team pictured here were identified by “Hub” Hollister from a picture …

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Apr 26

San Luis Obispo High openhouse

San Luis Obispo High School open house 1964

April 24, 1964 The 1960s was a golden era for school expansion. Population growth in the state, increased revenue (largely from PG&E property taxes on new local power plants) and a willingness to provide for the future all drove this trend. In the early 1900s it was not unusual for someone with an 8th grade …

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Aug 27

1969 Back to School / Senator Everett Dirksen

September 8, 1969 My high school age son and his friends would like to turn the clock back 40 years. The class of 1970 had over a week more summer vacation before class started. The school enrollment was  growing at that point, up about 2 per cent county wide from the year before. From San …

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May 29

Prom Night 1989


San Luis Obispo High School seniors Daniel Lucas and Anna Boyd strike a classic pose in contemporary attire at the prom.©Jeffrey May/Telegram Tribune Prom is a sign the school year is winding down and graduations are just around the corner. In 1989 there was a scheduling snafu and the San Luis Obispo High Prom fell …

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Apr 21

Nuss Pool opens

With the recent hot weather a trip to the pool sounds like a good idea. Sharon Morem turned up this print of the Nuss Pool that used to be on the San Luis Obispo High School campus. Nuss Memorial Pool was built in 1954 as a joint project of the school, the city, county and …

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Feb 28

1964 Nuss Pool

    Swimming instructor Ann Tartaglia teaches beginners at Nuss Pool. July 9, 1964 Bill Morem shares his memories of swimming in San Luis in the following entry. The Nuss Memorial Pool, a watery institution for thousands of human polliwogs of all ages for almost 50 years, was THE summer place to be from 1954 …

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