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Feb 11

Stalingrad a Soviet victory: World War II week by week

The battle for Stalingrad was ending. Telegram-Tribune front page from Feb. 1, 1943.

Catching up where we left off before our when our microfilm machine was repaired… Feb. 1, 1943 Stalingrad was almost over after five months of house to house combat. Both the German Army and Air Force would suffer losses here that would be difficult to replace. A further debacle for the Nazi forces was developing …

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Nov 06

San Miguel fires

This photo of San Miguel appears to be from between 1909 and 1915, Mission in far background.

Digging a little deeper in the San Miguel history folders I found this Lura Rawson column. The town had even more boom and bust cycles than I originally thought. From the Telegram-Tribune May 31, 1990: San Miguel: Like its namesake, a survivor. In an earlier column, I called Mission San Miguel Archangel a survivor among …

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Nov 02

Boom town, San Miguel

Ernest Simon and the old San Miguel building—built in 1897—he's tearing down for scrap.  ©The Tribune

San Miguel is one of the boom and bust towns of the region. Founded July 25, 1797, it is 16th of the 21 California missions. Another significant moment came October 8, 1886 when Southern Pacific built rails into town from the north, then kept right on going to Paso Robles and Templeton where construction paused …

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Mar 02

Reading Skills

San Miguel third grader Danny Roetteger, above, feels sounds as he speaks syllables, assisted by a volunteer teacher's aide, Lois Arnett.

When was the last time you saw this help wanted ad? “Ideal candidate will be functionally illiterate and unable to learn. Salary commensurate with lack of skills.” If you just read it, you don’t qualify. The only growth industry that illiteracy contributes to are prisons. Many inmates have trouble reading. We can all agree that …

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May 21

World War 1 bond drives

  A decorated vehicle of World War I vintage was used as a float in a bond drive parade. It is pictured here moving up Monterey St. in front of the Stag Billiard Parlor. The original picture came from Zaidee Andrews. As Memorial day arrives a few notes from 1918.They called it the Great War …

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