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Apr 16

Hearst Castle bombing by New World Liberation Front 1976

Investigators crunch through debris on veranda at Hearst Castle's Casa del Sol guest house, where bomb exploded Thursday (near center of photo.) 02-12-1976 ©The Tribune/Wayne Nicholls

A cowardly man with large ambition, weak ability and a large pile of explosives — stop me if you have heard this story before. It is almost always a man responsible. The story is more common than we care to admit. They slither out from under rocks every few decades, from anarchists in the 19th …

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Feb 27

Piedras Blancas Lighthouse, guiding the way to San Simeon

AN OLD VIEW...The Piedras Blancas Light Station grounds looked like this a long time ago. The light keepers dwelling in the foreground has been removed and is now a private residence in Cambria. Most of these older structures have been removed or torn down to make way for modern living quarters for the Coast Guard force manning the station and their families. This old photograph was provided by the San Luis Obispo County Museum and is from the remarkable Irene Carpenter Collection of Historic San Luis Obispo County pictures.

In our present era of GPS location finding, a lighthouse is a relic of man’s attempt to impose order on the chaos of nature. By the 1970s the remaining manned lighthouses were converted to automated stations ending what had been a century old occupation in some locations. Light keepers would faithfully clean lenses and light …

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Dec 07

The end of horse and buggy days, the stage from San Luis to San Simeon

Pettenger's hamburger stand at the corner of Osos and Marsh Streets owned by A.M. (Bert) Pettenger. Later called Dad's.

Technology changes and the job you thought you had is gone. I hear that one all the time. How about a job that only lasts one year? Elliot Curry told the story in the Telegram-Tribune March 22, 1968: Auto killed San Simeon run Pettenger’s short-lived stage line Two young fellows from Iowa stopped at the …

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Aug 24

Whaling tale from San Simeon

Advertisement for a corset from the May 21, 1907 edition of the Telegram.

Whales were once used to make oil used for lubrication and illumination in the days before petroleum and electricity. Women’s corsets were also made from whale bone. Actually the material was baleen, the hard material in the mouths of filter feeding whales. It was tough and flexible, the plastic of the era. Collar stays, buggy …

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Dec 23

Sinking of the Union Oil tanker Montebello, World War II week by week

Sinking of the Union Oil tanker Montebello was a headline in the Telegram-Tribune on December 23, 1941. The news was supressed by wartime censorship elsewhere.

In retrospect the original skipper was right. The captain of the Union Oil tanker Montebello did not want to leave Port San Luis. Sixteen days after the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor rumors were running wild. Blackout drills were being held up and down the coast and false reports of enemy aircraft were not uncommon. …

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Jan 13

Hearst Castle zebras

Zebras graze along Highway 1 with Hearst Castle in background. First published November 23, 1987. ©David Middlecamp/The Tribune

Sometimes you can pre-visualize a photograph and then happens. I wanted to get a photo of Hearst Ranch zebras lined up with the castle in the background. I’m sure it happens a lot, but to be honest it does not happen that often for me. In 25 years of shooting photos on the Central Coast …

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Jan 04

Hearst Castle cab rides


John Sarber, reporter and later city editor at the then Telegram-Tribune, had a column that regularly ran on the front page called “Chance Glances”. The first part of this column from March 15, 1958 covers a diary of guests transported to Hearst Castle by a local cab driver. ECHOES OF THE ENCHANTED PAST A DOCUMENT …

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May 22

Hearst Castle Graduation

June 6, 1968 Here we are near graduation season and the 50-year anniversary of public tours at Hearst Castle. Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument was dedicated June 2, 1958. Ten years later the Cambria area high school needed help. Coast Union High School’s auditorium and old gym were demolished to meet Field Act standards …

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