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Nov 28

A song on the wires, boom box in the sky

Dave Moore, a splicer for Pacific Bell, takes his listening pleasure with him on the job. Earphones aren't convenient under a hardhat, so Moore lugged his portable radio up 30-feet high and hung it from a convenient wire. He was working at the corner of Pismo and Santa Rosa streets in San Luis Obispo. ©Robert Dyer/Telegram-Tribune

Nothing says 1980s faster than boom box. Transistor radios, wonders of the 60s that would fit in the palm of your hand had sound like a singing chipmunk. Bigger speakers, bigger batteries and you had a portable party, and bonus this one has a cassette tape player. Looks like the dial is set to around …

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Oct 31

1968 San Luis Obispo at night

August 10, 1968 Nights are getting longer, daylight saving time is ending and lights are taking effect. The 1960’s were the golden age for neon signs. The view of Monterey Street shows signs in front of the Fremont and Obispo theaters and the Anderson Hotel. The light pollution spraying into the sky makes it hard …

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