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Jul 12

Cannon returned to Mission San Miguel

Historic Spanish cannon stolen from Old Mission San Miguel a year ago is welcomed home by Brother Paul (left), Brother Martin (center with glasses) and Father Manuel, standing next to Sheriff Larry Mansfield, in white shirt. ©The Tribune

The negative files from the 1960s are a bit of a mess but sometimes something turns up several months or years after it is written about. To read the previously published story click here. Apparently this isn’t the only cannon that has been misplaced. The one in front of the Veteran’s Hall in San Luis …

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Apr 16

Hearst Castle bombing by New World Liberation Front 1976

Investigators crunch through debris on veranda at Hearst Castle's Casa del Sol guest house, where bomb exploded Thursday (near center of photo.) 02-12-1976 ©The Tribune/Wayne Nicholls

A cowardly man with large ambition, weak ability and a large pile of explosives — stop me if you have heard this story before. It is almost always a man responsible. The story is more common than we care to admit. They slither out from under rocks every few decades, from anarchists in the 19th …

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Apr 15

Second escapee caught, World War II week by week

Telegram-Tribune from May 31, 1943.

The other man to escape from the new San Luis Obispo County Jail atop the new courthouse was caught. James W. Webb had been at large since November 27, 1942 and he was captured in Sacramento. He was hiding out in a house with a rifle, shotgun and a large amount of jewelry.

Jan 26

Jail break report – World War II Week by Week

January 13, 1943 edition of the Telegram-Tribune.

The grand jury blamed shoddy welding as the cause of the escape from the county’s new jail. The story came out in the January 6, 1943 edition of the Telegram-Tribune. They placed responsibility at the feet of the courthouse architects, Walker and Eisen. The architects could have been found guilty of putting an ugly building …

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Dec 16

One escapee caught, World War II week by week

Telegram-Tribune front page Dec. 9, 1942

Brief items from the Dec. 9, 1942 Telegram Tribune. The post office was taking on extended hours to handle the volume of Christmas mail. Both the holiday and growing military bases were straining the system. The state board of equalization was scheduled to enforce a midnight liquor curfew starting this evening. Twenty boys in Chicago …

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Aug 18

New San Luis Obispo County Jail – World War II week by week

The population of the county was exploding with war related construction and staffing at bases. On August 11, 1942 the Telegram-Tribune wrote about the new jail atop what we now call the old courthouse on Osos street. The previous jail had been in the basement of the 1873 era courthouse demolished by Alex Madonna. Prisoners …

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Aug 10

Invasion of Guadalcanal, World War II week by week

August 8, 1942 Telegram-Tribune front page, documenting the execution of six German saboteurs.

We live in a different world today than the one of 70 years ago. Contrast the observations of two Pulitzer Prize winning authors. Just before America entered World War II the nation was woefully unprepared. President Franklin Roosevelt was afraid to get too far ahead of public opinion. In a nation recovering from the Great …

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Apr 19

Lumber liquidators storm the beach, Elg runs aground

San Luis Obispo Daily Telegram September 13-1938 Times were tough. The Great Depression dragged into its 9th year as war clouds were gathering in Europe. Many folks were barely hanging on. When the ship Norwegian Elg ran aground in heavy fog during the early morning hours of September 9, 1938 to some it seemed like …

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Oct 31

Former sheriff candidate

Ad from the Tribune May 21, 1907.

This ad from the pages of the Tribune May 21, 1907 bring a few random thoughts to mind. • Hard fought sheriff’s races have been going on since before we were born. • The town was so small that the ad didn’t include his name or specific address. No doubt you would hear the hammer …

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Feb 15

Shandon murder 1958


Reader Matt Grant asked for information on a murder that took place in Shandon over 50 years ago and provided the date. He asked if the crime was ever solved but unfortunately our files before the digital era are only indexed by date of publication. The murder was front page news for three days in …

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