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Jul 15

The Elg runs aground off Oceano

Freighter Elg aground in Oceano, 1938. Photo courtesy Karen White via Vivian Krug.

Vivian Krug from the South County Historical Society shares this item about a story outlined previously here in Photos from the Vault. September 1938 — A lumber freighter runs aground and the captain decides to lighten the ship by tossing cargo overboard. Free lumber was a big deal during the Depression and there were fights …

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Mar 05

Vessels wanted! Sailing to Guadalupe

Ad from the San Luis Obispo Tribune front page Feb. 6, 1875.

One of the oddities in the all advertising front page of the Tribune Feb. 6, 1875 was this vertical sailing ship. Either it is riding a really big wave or perhaps the ship is sailing south from the equator. More likely the engraving was made too wide for one column. Harriman & Co. had industriously …

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Dec 26

Shipwrecked California gold, Yankee Blade sinks near Pt. Arguello

ORNATE PIECE OF BRASS SEES DAYLIGHT ONCE AGAIN It was salvaged by Andy Anderson, left, Dick Smith and Harvy Clemens. ©David Ranns/Telegram-Tribune published 9-15-1969

Point Arguello has haunted the nightmares of ship captains and navigators for centuries. As recently as 1963, a 1500 ton freighter ran aground there. In 1923, twenty-three sailors were killed with seven U.S. Navy destroyers piled up on the rocks at Point Honda. In 1854 the Yankee Blade steam paddle ship was southbound carrying $153,000 …

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Apr 19

Lumber liquidators storm the beach, Elg runs aground

San Luis Obispo Daily Telegram September 13-1938 Times were tough. The Great Depression dragged into its 9th year as war clouds were gathering in Europe. Many folks were barely hanging on. When the ship Norwegian Elg ran aground in heavy fog during the early morning hours of September 9, 1938 to some it seemed like …

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Jan 03

Ellin Aground 1963

December 16, 1963 Professional navigators call this an “Oops”. The 1500-ton freighter Ellin ran aground in a heavy Monday morning fog near Pt. Arguello. The 508-foot ship was trying to make the turn between the Channel Islands and the coast. They were lucky they did not turn a little earlier and end up on the …

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