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May 31

Sea-Ho swimsuits, 1943 fashions

June 1, 1943 Sears advertising.

What do you think of when the phrase “Sea-Ho Swim Suits” comes up? Do you think it is word play on the phrase “Land Ho!” or do you think it is the misogynistic lyric from an seafaring rap star? How comfortable do you think men’s wool swim trunks were? All I can say is the …

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Mar 17

Wool swimsuit by Gantner of California


Some words should never be next to each other. Take “wool swimsuit” for example. Wool+swimsuit is wrong in so many ways, I have to limit the list to 5. Wool = Scratchy. Every sweater I got from both grandmas were like that. Smells like wet sheep when wet. This should not surprise anyone. Wool shrinks …

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