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Jan 09

Raven J. Railey memorial

David Metz as 'Mr. Paravincini' sneaks up on Jeanne Railey's 'Mollie.'
© Telegram-Tribune/David Middlecamp

The first time I took her picture in 1986 Jeanne Railey was in a high school play playing the role of “Molly” in Mousetrap. Her love of the theater would be a focal point of her life. She would later join the Telegram-Tribune as a writer, preferring Raven J. Railey as her byline. At the …

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Dec 24

Merry Christmas, 1965 from the Telegram-Tribune

December 28, 1965 Season's greetings, from the Telegram-Tribune.

Regular readers of the Telegram-Tribune and Photos From the Vault recognize the names from the Editorial Department. About 20 years after this 1965 house ad was published I would work with Eudora (Dorie) Bentley, George Brand and Carol Roberts. Readers of this blog have enjoyed looking at the pictures made by Jim Vestal and Jack …

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Sep 12

The Telegram-Tribune building falls over, or did it jump?

Model T cars can be seen in the showroom window. The former W.T. Reid Ford dealership at 1240 Morro Street would later be a newspaper office from 1924-1958 including the Telegram-Tribune. ©The Tribune

Can a brick and mortar building have feelings or a soul? Long time writer Elliot Curry wrote an elegy for the former home of the Telegram-Tribune on Nov. 11, 1967: After deadline T-T’s old home coming down Another “deadline has come around at 1240 Morro Street. The old home of the Telegram-Tribune is coming down. …

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Aug 09

James H. Hayes and the craft of writing

Cal Poly professor and journalist James H. Hayes. ©Telegram-Tribune Wayne Nicholls.

Good teachers share knowledge with students. Exceptional teachers inspire students to tread the path of learning and life. A handful of Cal Poly professors changed the direction of my career. Some closed doors some opened them. One slammed the door in my face and challenged me to open it. I never told him thanks till …

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Jan 01

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the 1963 and 2013 staffs of the Tribune.

Oct 15

Tour the Telegram-Tribune in 1941 World War II week by week

The Telegram-Tribune had been through a whirlwind of changes over the last 15 years. In the mid-1920s there were three papers under different owners. The Telegram, the leading paper at the time under scrappy president C.L. Day. The venerable Tribune edited for four decades by Benjamin Brooks. The upstart the Obispan later renamed the Herald, …

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Jun 07

Tribune motorized press

A page from the August 7, 1969 Centennial Edition of the Telegram-Tribune.

The article below published in the special section celebrating 100th anniversary of the Telegram-Tribune. The Tribune was the older paper, founded in 1869 to support the Republican party and more specifically the judicial aspirations of editor Walter Murray. Benjamin Brooks, another attorney,  took over the Tribune in 1885 and saved it from dire financial straits …

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Dec 24

Season’s Greetings

December 23, 1966 Telegram-Tribune staff.

December 23, 1966 The Telegram-Tribune had a tradition that carried through the 1980′s with a full page house ad thanking the readers and advertisers for their support from the previous year. It was a chance to give some recognition to folks who worked putting out six papers a week Monday through Saturday. Most never saw …

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Feb 19

1965 Tribune Newsroom

    This may only be interesting to me, but here it is, the newsroom of the Telegram-Tribune from the mid 1960’s. These frames were at end of a roll of film from a box labeled 1964-1965. Those who remember film will recall shooting the last few frames in the camera before rewinding the roll …

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Dec 19

1964 Telegram-Tribune Advertising Staff


 June 30, 1964 Award winning Telegram-Tribune advertising staff poses for a photo. I guess even the Beatles were wearing skinny neckties at this point in their career though I am not sure any of these guys were listening to the Fab 4. I am thankful for their efforts, building the place I work at today. …

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