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Jan 06

1941 in San Luis Obispo County, year in review

Can anybody tell me what Spry is? It comes in three pound cans and sells for 69 cents in 1942.

Seventy years ago San Luis Obispo County was changing in many ways into the place we know today. One army base was expanding and two new ones were being built. The navy was building in Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo was paving  the Mill Street district. A city job was lost when the gas …

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Oct 15

Tour the Telegram-Tribune in 1941 World War II week by week

The Telegram-Tribune had been through a whirlwind of changes over the last 15 years. In the mid-1920s there were three papers under different owners. The Telegram, the leading paper at the time under scrappy president C.L. Day. The venerable Tribune edited for four decades by Benjamin Brooks. The upstart the Obispan later renamed the Herald, …

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Jun 23

Too Much Monkey Business


Children of the 60s and 70s saw chimpanzees as friendly critters. They were dressed up in clothes, given a banana and portrayed as our funny cousins. The 1966 television show Daktari told the story of an African veterinarian and often episodes would feature Judy the chimp, this show didn’t play simian dress up. Episodes still …

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May 16

Telegram-Tribune darkroom

Telegram-Tribune darkroom at the Johnson Ave. office before expansion. ©2010The Tribune/Thom Halls

May 5, 1978 When the then Telegram-Tribune moved into their Johnson Ave. location the building was designed from the ground up to be a newspaper office. It was a first for an organization that had previous homes in a former auto dealership or above a brewery in what is now Mission Plaza. The building was …

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Mar 05

1976 Telegram-Tribune office


July 30, 1976 A few days after the nation’s Bicentennial they decided that carpeting would be a good thing to have at the former Telegram-Tribune building at 1321 Johnson Ave. Built in 1958, reporter Dan Stephens called the building “The Pillbox” because the concrete block walls reminded him of an Army bunker. Note the pleasing …

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