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Jan 23

Pestiferous household rodent frightened by young lady with lamp

The San Luis Obispo Daily Telegram, Jan. 10, 1909.

The Daily Telegram’s early years in San Luis Obispo were mediocre. Founded on principles of temperance, managed by committee, the paper knew how to scold alcohol consumers. The newspaper seemed befuddled when real news came to town. The writing was florid and repetitive, leading you to believe the paper was stretching to fill space and …

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Dec 27

Howard Jack, editor of the San Luis Obispo Breeze

Howard Jack, rancher and and in his teen years editor of the Breeze. Published August 7, 1969 in the Telegram-Tribune.

What happened to the Breeze? Last week the story of 19th century Tribune and Breeze editor George Staniford was told. When Staniford passed away in 1903 his former newspaper the Breeze soon came under the helm of Howard Jack. The name may sound familiar; Howard’s father, land developer and rancher R.E. Jack built the Jack …

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Aug 13

LOL cats drink whiskey and play with yarn

Animal photographer Ylla allowed this yarn playing kitten to help sell Hiram Walker's Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Advertisement from August 20, 1942.

Gratuitous kitten photos didn’t start with the internet. This image is from an August 20, 1942 advertisement and the photographer is famous enough to be mentioned in the copy. Ylla (pronunced “eela” was the nom de plume of Camilla Koffler. The Hungarian born photographer immigrated to America when World War II engulfed Europe. Her speciality …

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Apr 18

Titanic Sinks, Telegram swims

News of the Titanic sinking reaches San Luis Obispo Daily Telegram, April 16, 1912.

C.L. Day the new editor and manager of the San Luis Obispo Daily Telegram was desperately bailing water, trying to keep his ship from sinking. He had just bought the debt saddled Telegram five days  a little over a month earlier on March 11, 1912. The paper needed a lot of work. Founded as a temperance advocate …

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Jun 21

Klaxon horn, Ford, Studebaker, Maxwell early cars

May 6, 1916 Daily Telegram Automobile page

C.L. Day purchased the Daily Telegram after a journalism career working his way up to an editorship in Long Beach.  Clarence Leonard Day bought the failing paper in March of 1912 and took the title president. Founded as a temperance booster the Telegram  was now $7,000 in debt and the stockholders had spent $35,000 (according …

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Jun 07

Tribune motorized press

A page from the August 7, 1969 Centennial Edition of the Telegram-Tribune.

The article below published in the special section celebrating 100th anniversary of the Telegram-Tribune. The Tribune was the older paper, founded in 1869 to support the Republican party and more specifically the judicial aspirations of editor Walter Murray. Benjamin Brooks, another attorney,  took over the Tribune in 1885 and saved it from dire financial straits …

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Nov 11

November 11, 1918 World War I Armistice Day

November 11, 1918 This time the announcement was for real, the fighting was halted and the stage was set for the end of World War I. Sadly the peace was bungled. The punitive nature of the surrender negotiations are alluded to in the headline: Germany is Hog-Tied by Terms The importance of railroads was underlined …

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Nov 06

1918 Give War a Chance, premature peace announcement


November 6, 1918 It could be the biggest mistake combined history of the Telegram or Tribune’s. An hurried Extra edition was put out on Wednesday (the nameplate says Sunday) with the screaming top headline: GERMANY ASKS PEACE ON WILSON’S 14 POINTS Problem was it wasn’t true yet. The United Press wire service reports do not …

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Apr 12

Fly Swatting Time Has Arrived, Do it Now!

May 3, 1916 The Daily Telegram had been founded about ten years earlier in 1905 by a group of temperance minded citizens who thought The Tribune did not represent their views. The Anti-Saloon League folks were probably correct since the Trib was founded upstairs from the Chicago Brewery. When the Telegram’s founders ran out of …

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