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Apr 03

Where have all the flowers gone?

The World War I field artillery piece in front of San Luis Obispo's Veterans Memorial Building on Grand Avenue had an unusually pacific look today—garlands of posies, including one hibiscus bloom right smack in the blooming muzzle. Published July 12, 1973.
Wayne Nicholls, Telegram-Tribune

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Nov 16

‘Full Metal Jacket’ author Gustav Hasford and his book collection

Author Gustav Hasford proudly shows off his book collection. When he toted up overdue fines of $3,000 he was reported to police by local librarians.

If you love old bookstores you know the smell. The scent of bookbinder’s glue, old pages and stories, lots of stories. The aroma permeated the storage locker as I took photos of author Gustav Hasford. San Luis Obispo storage locker would later yield more than one story. It began innocently enough. Hasford had written the …

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Mar 06

Remembering those who served

Ronald Reagan visits Cal Poly San Luis Obispo March 26, 1969.

Cal Poly corrected an oversight this week by remembering two alumni who died while serving the country. Their names were added this week to the plaques at Cal Poly’s War Memorial Plaza. The plaza is located between the administration building and university union with the large bronze mustang. Army Captain Larry Dean Baldwin died March …

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Mar 01

Ft. Ord becomes CSU Monterey Bay

The sign lists it as "Central Campus Meeting House" but it looks like the chapels from military bases. CSU Montery Bay was built on the site of Fort Ord. © 2010 David Middlecamp CSU Montery Bay library. ©2010 David Middlecamp By far the most commented post on Photos From the Vault is "Vietnam basic training …

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Jun 18

1968 Cal Poly napalm protest


UPDATE: Since the original post of this article April 17, 2008 I have read two books that add valuable information on this topic. The first book, Learn by Doing, by Robert E. Kennedy the seventh president of Cal Poly talks about what was going on three floors up in the administration building as the protest …

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Jun 01

Remembering Major David Kingsbury

July 13, 1967 Telegram-Tribune

(This was intended to post Memorial Day but two unexpectedly busy days put me behind on posting to Photos from the vault. ) Cal Poly has had a connection with the military since its early days. During World War I student cadets guarded the university during the influenza outbreak. It could be argued that only …

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Oct 24

Vietnam War Protest

ARRESTED– San Luis Obispo police officer Preston Simmons takes Richard Birchler to patrol car after he was arrested for obstructing traffic at Higuera and Garden May 6, 1971 Today’s young generation sees the word hippie and often gloss the era with thoughts of Halloween costumes or style choices. There was an earnestly moral activist component …

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May 26

Greyhound Bus Station

January 7, 1969 His camouflage jacket reads: I made love in Viet-Nam not war South China Sea Surfing Association Viet-Nam chapter Pleiku Vietnam 67-68 I found myself in a metaphysical conversation the other day. A plumber made the argument that life on earth could be a form of purgatory, a place between Heaven and Hell. …

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Jan 18

The Calm Before

Saturday January 18, 1969 The Telegram-Tribune was full of news that in the full view of history turned out to be either wildly off target or watermarks of the era. Stories were being floated that there could be cutbacks of troop levels in Vietnam and that peace talks were resuming in Paris. We now know …

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Nov 09

Vietnam basic training Ft. Ord

Writer Gilbert Moore and photographer Jim Vestal visited Fort Ord in Monterey as training for the Vietnam War was ramping up. Both had been through basic training there in the early 1960’s but in the mid-1960’s thousands of soldiers were going to battle in South East Asia. At the beginning of 1966 there were less …

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