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Jun 04

Museum of printing, Shakespeare Press Museum at Cal Poly

ARMSTRONG POWER — Co-curator Emerson Hunt, a junior from Covina, turns the crank of the 90 year old Campbell cylinder press as Paiva feeds the paper. The press came 'round the Horn, was used by a San Francisco newspaper before the earthquake.
© The Tribune Wayne Nicholls

Johannes Gutenberg’s 15th century printing of the bible is a masterpiece, the first book published in volume, but he was a business failure. The genius German goldsmith, inventor of the Gutenberg press went into debt and an argument with his business partner doomed the venture. According to the NPR radio show Planet Money, other printers …

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Apr 03

Where have all the flowers gone?

The World War I field artillery piece in front of San Luis Obispo's Veterans Memorial Building on Grand Avenue had an unusually pacific look today—garlands of posies, including one hibiscus bloom right smack in the blooming muzzle. Published July 12, 1973.
Wayne Nicholls, Telegram-Tribune

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Feb 12

Avila truss bridge collapses, vestage of the Pacific Coast Railway

The 98-year-old Pacific Coast Railway bridge near Port San Luis collapsed on its own weight in San Luis Creek.
©Wayne Nicholls/Telegram-Tribune

You may have wondered about the mysterious henge looming beside San Luis Creek in Avila Beach. It is one of the last remaining monuments to the dawn of modern Central Coast transportation, the Pacific Coast Railway. The concrete plinth was an underpinning to Bridge No. 5. The narrow gauge rails were in use for 66 …

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Aug 09

James H. Hayes and the craft of writing

Cal Poly professor and journalist James H. Hayes. ©Telegram-Tribune Wayne Nicholls.

Good teachers share knowledge with students. Exceptional teachers inspire students to tread the path of learning and life. A handful of Cal Poly professors changed the direction of my career. Some closed doors some opened them. One slammed the door in my face and challenged me to open it. I never told him thanks till …

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Feb 23

The leaning San Luis Obispo water tower, when demolitions go awry

The old General Fireproofing water tower is demolished. The 100,000-gallon tower was located off of Southwood Drive in San Luis Obispo. ©The Tribune/Wayne Nicholls

Though the moment was fleeting, San Luis Obispo could have been mentioned in the same breath as Pisa, Italy. For a few hours in the summer of 1980, a failed demolition attempt gave the town a leaning water tower. There is nothing like high explosives and an defunct relic to make a good picture. The …

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Oct 03

Ronald Reagan raises taxes

Ronald Reagan asked for higher taxes and got them. Not just a little. Not just a few. This 1967 story called it the largest raise ever requested by any governor in the nation. Not just one tax. Sales tax, income tax, corporation tax, bank maximum tax, cigarette tax, liquor tax and levees on cigars and …

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Dec 22

Spurred on

Dime-store cowboy John Pereira, a Cal Poly student, rests in the saddle of a fantasy while scanning a leaflet at Madonna Plaza, San Luis Obispo yet keeps his feet grounded. ©The Tribune/Wayne Nicholls Published January 13, 1978

Dec 04

Hare Krishna at Cal Poly

MUSIC—Krishna follower sounds his tiny cymbals at Cal Poly. Followers of the Krishna creed visit the steps of the University Union at Cal Poly from Santa Barbara.© The Tribune/ Wayne Nicholls

I first saw them at airports in the early 1970s. Serene, chanting and gliding in white robes called dhoti,  they were quite a contrast to the rushed business attired travelers. It seemed odd to me then that they would spend so much time in airports and never seemed in a hurry to go anywhere. Often …

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Oct 20

Cuesta Grade claims two tires

Cuesta Grade claims two tires. ©The Tribune/Wayne Nicholls

I have written about my travails while traveling on Cuesta Grade. Since the time of the horse and buggy crossing the Santa Lucia Range has been an adventure. Some incidents are major, others minor, here these California Highway Patrol officers lost two tires to the road. This photo was published Monday August 27, 1979. Here …

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Oct 12

Pulling the plug, fire plug

RELIC OF RAMONA FIRE— Mrs. Louisiana Dart, County Museum curator, left, and Mrs. Mildred DiPaolo examine fire hydrant from Ramona Hotel corner. ©The Tribune-Wayne Nicholls

The Ramona hotel was a luxury destination, host to presidents and the dream of land speculators who thought “If you build a fancy hotel they will come, and buy our land, making us rich. Moooohahahahahaaaaaaaa.” Ok, I may have made up that quote, but I’m pretty sure the general drift is accurate. The all too …

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