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Aug 24

Whaling tale from San Simeon

Advertisement for a corset from the May 21, 1907 edition of the Telegram.

Whales were once used to make oil used for lubrication and illumination in the days before petroleum and electricity. Women’s corsets were also made from whale bone. Actually the material was baleen, the hard material in the mouths of filter feeding whales. It was tough and flexible, the plastic of the era. Collar stays, buggy …

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Aug 23

Humpback whales off Diablo Canyon

A large group of humpback whales, seals, pelicans and seagulls were feeding in the ocean near Diablo Canyon Nuclear Powerplant on the afternoon of Sept. 8, 2000  © David Middlecamp

Photographer Bill Bouton recently recorded a remarkable series of humpback whale images at Avila Beach. When he posted them to his flickr site the the images were picked up worldwide in various media and one was published on the front page of The Tribune. A tip of the lens cap from one photographer to another. …

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Jan 28

1963 Whale

QUITE A CATCH…Well, not really. Actually 14-year-old Billy Ahrendt of Rancho Montana de Oro is attaching a cable to a 20-foot baby California Grey whale that washed up on Hazard beach yesterday. The dead whale had apparently been attacked by sharks. The animal was later hauled away to a tallow works. (Telegram-Tribune photo.) August 6, …

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