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Nov 14

Motoring in a Maxwell in San Luis Obispo

WANNA JOIN THE ARMY?…This shot of two army recruiters of World War I was taken as two men posed in an old Maxwell just outside the Stag billiard parlor at the corner of Morro and Monterey, The photo belongs to A.E. Brooking, 1215 Morro. The horse and buggy was still a familiar sight on the streets of San Luis Obispo, in those days there were no parking meters. ©The Tribune

Less than a century ago dirt streets and horses were not hard to find in San Luis Obispo. This unrelated story and photo turn the clock back to 1917. These items were republished in the May 15, 1956 Centurama edition of the Telegram-Tribune. Read more about the “>Stag Billiard Parlor here or World War I …

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Nov 11

November 11, 1918 World War I Armistice Day

November 11, 1918 This time the announcement was for real, the fighting was halted and the stage was set for the end of World War I. Sadly the peace was bungled. The punitive nature of the surrender negotiations are alluded to in the headline: Germany is Hog-Tied by Terms The importance of railroads was underlined …

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Nov 10

The Melancholy Daze, Satterfield cartoon

Bob Satterfield cartoon The melancholy daze

November 8, 1918 This was the other comic on the Daily Telegram’s page two that day. As fall swept in the end of World War I was near at hand. This cartoon by Bob Satterfield shows a downcast Kaiser Wilhelm II with a can labled defeat, tied to a leg and leaves falling with the …

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Nov 07

Oops, this is what happened

November 8, 1918 Let the blames begin. The Daily Telegram crashed back to reality after the giddy extra edition. Advertising was back on the front page and three headlines tried to explain what went wrong. In today’s era of rapid communication the premature peace announcement would be truth tested as soon as it was released …

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Nov 06

1918 Give War a Chance, premature peace announcement


November 6, 1918 It could be the biggest mistake combined history of the Telegram or Tribune’s. An hurried Extra edition was put out on Wednesday (the nameplate says Sunday) with the screaming top headline: GERMANY ASKS PEACE ON WILSON’S 14 POINTS Problem was it wasn’t true yet. The United Press wire service reports do not …

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Nov 05

First World War, Fourth Bond Drive

October 3 and 6, 1918 War was treated differently by America in the early 20th Century as these advertisements attest. Citizens financed the war directly through bond issues. This was the fourth bond drive of the war. These ads ran on an almost daily basis during the drive, co-sponsored by a local business. Articles in …

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