Nov 14

Playoff teams set; How would you break three-way ties?

Well, the regular season is in the books.

The high school football playoff-bound teams from San Luis Obispo County awaiting seeds are: in the Southern Section Northern Division, Atascadero and Arroyo Grande; in the Northwest Division, Nipomo; and in the Central Section Division V, Mission Prep.

The Southern Section will announce playoff pairings beginning at 11 a.m. Sunday. The pairings can be viewed live, with analysis, at either CIFSS.org or Vootage.com beginning at 10:45 a.m.

In the mean time, I was wondering: How do all of you feel about both the PAC 7 and Los Padres League tiebreaking systems? For those who may not know, three-way ties in both leagues are broken with random-chance number drawings conducted in the preseason. Hence, that’s why Paso Robles, even at 3-2 in league play, just as Atascadero and Arroyo Grande, is out, as the Bearcats had the worst draw of the three. Would you rather some other kind of criteria were used? Such as certain points scored or points allowed in league play? Some other kind of stat?

Or, are you OK with the current system because in a three-way tie, there are simply too many arguments to be had (in other words, Paso Robles could say it beat Atascadero, but just the same, Atascadero beat Arroyo Grande and Arroyo Grande beat Paso Robles), so it’s just as well that such a pre-determined, set-in-stone method comes into play? How would you break the three-way ties?

In any event, look soon for our photo galleries from the Paso Robles-Atascadero and Righetti-Arroyo Grande games.

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  1. SLO Town

    I think it worked out perfect, just because Paso squeaked by Atascadero doesnt make them the better team. Paso had the worst record so they dont deserve to go.

  2. BB

    I think that a coin flip should be used to determine the highest seed of the three tied teams and then head to head for the next position…

    Then the head to head match-up has meaning… unlike last nights Paso – Atascadero game.

  3. Mr Potato Head

    Hey BB, good point. I agreed that the head
    to head should have played a part in the discision made.

  4. Anon E. Muss

    The “coin flip” is basically what the numbers draw is. What if Atascadero had won BB’s coin flip? Then Paso Robles would have still been out. What if Paso Robles had won the coin flip? Then AG would be out. Just like Paso needed AG to win the game on the field last night to have a shot at the playoffs, Paso would need AG to win the coin flip in this scenario.

    In the Los Padres League in 1998, there was a three-way tie between Paso, Santa Ynez and Morro Bay. Paso beat Morro Bay, which beat Santa Ynez, which beat Paso. Morro Bay got the top seed because it had been longest since the Pirates had won the LPL. Then it went to head-to-head and Santa Ynez best Paso so the other Pirates got the second spot and Paso went third. Paso went on to win the CIF title that year.

  5. Anon E. Muss

    That should say Paso would need AG to win the coin flip for Atascadero to stay home.


    Its obvious
    When AG, PR & A-Town tie;
    Their all out;
    SLO is in

  7. Mr Recruter

    There used to be a rule a long time ago that if there was a tie, the team that hadn’t been to the playoffs the longest, would get the nod. That would be fair. If they were tied in a three way then start with the longest out and work up.
    Simple, and you don’t have to worry about coin flips and drawing straws which is stupid. Plus, there is politics and smoozing happening. You can’t argue with time.

  8. Anon E. Muss

    Thing is, it had been longest since AG had been in the playoffs, but the Eagles are in under the current scenario. Both Atascadero and Paso were in the playoffs last year. Atascadero was first in league and Paso second last year, so perhaps your plan would leave Atascadero at home. Paso and Atascadero have both made the playoffs every year from 2005 on. In 2004, neither made it. Paso won the league in 2005, Atascadero in 2006, the teams shared the title in 2007 (but Atascadero went first based on head-to-head in the two-way tie). In 2008, Atascadero was first and Paso was second.

  9. L. Cardinale

    Basing it on how long its been since a team went to the playoffs is stupid. Most of these kids are in the varsity program for 2 years. The history of their team for the past 5 or so years shouldn’t determine whether or not they get to go to the playoffs.

    Up front, all the coaches already know you can’t make excuses if you want to be in the playoffs. Instead of blaming it on the system, think more about controlling your own destiny. You win the games you know you should win, and you’ll likely be in… I don’t think any coach has a problem with it the way it is now. System works fine, get over it.

  10. softball coach

    Righetti gets a tough Newbury Park in round 1. Atascadero get a wing t Buena and AG gets Cammarillo…..who got the best match up.. I’m with AG or Atascadero on that one.

  11. No...

    Buena doesn’t run the T-Wing this year. They’re a spread team which throws the ball around 30-35 times a game.

  12. So you think so, huh?

    This is right off the CIF site. No mention of Arroyo Grande, Righetti, or Atascadero. That’s right Central Coast, no respect for you lazy boys.

    At least St Joseph is getting some loven with Pioneer Valley. Can’t say that for the upper coastal snots. You will get yours. Just a few days away. Then we will see who will be doing all the talking.


    Top seedings: 1. Valencia (10-0); 2. Ventura St. Bonaventure (9-1); 3. Westlake Village Westlake (10-0); 4. Moorpark (9-1).

    Best opening matchup: Thousand Oaks (5-5) at Valencia.

    Most underrated player: Receiver Zach Tartabull, Valencia. All he does is make spectacular catches. He’s averaging 21.1 yards a catch.

    The scoop: It’s the first time since 1999 that St. Bonaventure isn’t seeded No. 1. A semifinal matchup between Westlake and St. Bonaventure ought to fill the biggest stadium.

    The pick: Westlake.


    Top seedings: 1. Westlake Village Oaks Christian (10-0); 2. Gardena Serra (10-0); 3. Santa Maria St. Joseph (10-0); 4. Santa Maria Pioneer Valley (9-1).

    Best opening matchup: North Hollywood Harvard-Westlake (6-3) at Compton Centennial (7-3).

    Most underrated player: K.J. Cusack, St. Joseph. The versatile Cusack is averaging 15.6 yards per carry, and has 1,514 yards rushing and 24 touchdowns. In a game last season, he scored two touchdowns on kickoff returns, returned a punt for a touchdown and returned an interception for a score.

    The scoop: A year ago, Serra lost to Oaks Christian, 63-28, in the championship game. Serra is better, but so is Oak Christian, and the Lions have UCLA-bound Malcolm Jones, who has 99 touchdowns in his career.

    The pick: Oaks Christian.

  13. So your point is?

    You like living in the smog because your children play better football?
    Fine, please stay down there with your smog and youth football.
    We like our weather and players betterup here without you.

  14. PAC-6

    I find it hard to believe that people from southern california seek out the SLO Tribune blogs to talk trash. Who are these people that actually have nothing better to do than this? What a sorry life…

    It’s fun for us to make predictions or analize games that happen locally because most of us know the kids involved. I don’t understand someone from out of the area coming on here to berate a group of kids that are doing their best with what they have.

  15. Mr Meat Head

    Come on, come on now. Quit the mudslinging people. Please don’t waste our time on here with your spelling lessons either, cowboy. Take that to Craigslist. I dare you to post on there with your stupid spelling and grammer junk and I garentee you won’t come off of there without being slammed! And it won’t be kind.

  16. Susan

    I just wanted to say how proud I am of our boys at Arroyo Grande. Congratulations on making the playoffs. I know you will do just fine. Now go get boys.

  17. Susan

    Oops, I mean go get em boys. Not get boys.

  18. Someone who knows

    Dear Tribune Editors,
    I think it’s sad that you allow idiots from down South to post whatever they want on this site downplaying the effort the boys of the Central Coast put into their football programs each week but anytime someone from the area attempts to stand up for them, you censor their rebuttals. Nice work! Way to stand up for your local readership base. Consider this one less paper that will be purchased on Saturday morning!

  19. Donovan Aird

    To poster No. 18,
    I deleted a few comments out of this comment section — not just yours — because I felt like they were specifically pointed personal attacks back and forth. Perhaps certain comments provoked others, but that’s why I’ve taken a few down. I’m all for free, healthy discussion, but I’d like to see everyone stay respectful of one another. Thanks.

  20. Someone who knows

    Then why do you continue to allow all of the personal attacks against the efforts of so many young men here on the Central Coast to compete against stacked compettition from private schools that are allowed to recruit athletes from such a large base of talent from Southern California? I am just curious! Don’t you know which side your bread is buttered? Do you really think that any of these naysayers buys the Trib each Saturday to see how the local teams we follow each week have done? We love our football on the Central Coast and do the best with what we have. To allow these people to down grade the level of effort our kids give is a little counterproductive to say the least and by deleting our responses but allowing their comments to remain doesn’t make for “healthy discussion” as you have put it. I don’t think these comments are “respectful” at all of the effort our local teams are giving and perhaps you should take this into consideration!

  21. BB

    Wasn’t this supposed to be a forum on how to break 3 way ties….. come on now, keep on topic… its not that hard!

  22. Someone who knows

    The best way to break a three way tie is to have the head coaches play rock, paper, scissors. How’s that?

  23. Donovan said "I’m all for free, healthy discussion, but I’d like to see everyone stay respectful of one another"

    I agree with Someone who knows.
    This isn’t CNN, fair and ballanced or whatever, It’s OUR local boys. DO WE HAVE A LOCAL PAPER?
    If you can’t at least slightly lean towards the local community then I also will cancel my subscription.

  24. softball coach

    Why are you guys getting so politically fired up at the tribune????. So what a couple of dudes from down south are having fun messing with you guys. I don’t know how much better football really is up there than it is down here but it’s just talk. I hope AG does well against Camarillo next friday so I can watch the following week against Moorpark at home. As far as the 3 way tie system, it’s the best we got so far. There’s never a perfect solution for every problem. Also, you guys sound pretty uneducated complaining about the Trib and then threatening them for disallowing free speech? Aird you shouldn’t have responded to those two local ding dongs…

  25. Mr Bonzo

    Apparently people on here don’t understand that this is not just a San Luis Obispo blog. This is the internet and anyone can post from anywhere, at anytime of the day, about anything.
    Memo to San Luis Obispo people, it’s not just for you. Its for anyone on the interent. If Ventura County people want to post, great. If SLO people want to wine about their losing football program, great. That’s the neat thing about blogs. Did you ever think someone from New York could be on here? Don’t be so closed minded. There is also a thing called a search engine and when someone enters a word in, it brings thousands of blogs and websites. The person who said “I also will cancel my subscription.” Grow up! It’s called freedom of speech.

  26. New York?

    Why would anyone from New York care about your St. Bonnie? They would CRUSH St. Bonnie, Westlake or Oaks.

  27. So you think so, huh?

    Aside from San Luis being a losing city, do you really think your teams are going to fair well this week? Yes, San Luis county, you may make it to the second round but I bet your all gone by round three. Only St Joseph will have any real shot.

  28. San Luis far from a losing city

    Man this is an excellent place to live. When football is over our kids get to live in one of top 10 cities in the US.
    Not like you southerners who Pimp out their kids to whatever football school will take them. You probably wouldn’t even like you boys if they didn’t play football.
    Don’t worry about us in SLO County, were happy up here, believe me.

  29. Mr Montana

    San Luis is known for losing. Losing football, basketball, baseball. As for a town, known as a one stop bar town. Who wants to walk downtown with all the robberies and bums and dogs. Thanks, I’ll keep my smog SLO.

  30. Thank you

    Then that’s the end of you.

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