Nov 16

Is there a problem with the division set-up? Are teams like Morro Bay/Templeton getting a fair shake?

This week, Morro Bay High School will face Chaminade, a school in football that gave Arroyo Grande High a run for its money last year in the playoffs.

Morro Bay and other local schools such as Templeton in the Los Padres League moved up a division from the Northwest last year to the Western this year.

By all accounts, that was because Lompoc, the powerhouse team in its league and division is so dominant.

The Pirates have a much improved team under first year head coach Jack Greer. They’ve bettered themselves from a 1-9 season last year to an 8-3 campaign this year going into Friday’s matchup. Pirates Jordan Bray, Derek Viles, Jake and Dan Beavers and others are having great seasons.

But the question is, do they belong in the same division as teams like Chaminade, Dos Pueblos, Camarillo, Chaminade, and Serra with either big enrollments or powerhouse football programs?

According to Greer and others, Lompoc seems to be the problem. They’re a team which has won more than 25 straight games over multiple seasons and the Braves seem to be too good for their competition in the LPL and in the division.

Would moving Lompoc to the Pac-7 would make more sense? Would lowering the LPL back down a division be more fair for the rest of the teams?

Chaminade is a school with about 1,300 in student enrollment to Morro’s 800 or so. Chaminade has a running back who averages about 180 yards per game (Terrell Newby) who will be playing on Saturdays and possibly on Sundays some day. The team beat its last playoff opponent 64-11.

Does a team like Morro Bay have a chance to compete for a title in any given year in the division their in?

Parity is important in high school football and making sure every team in their best year has a crack at a good postseason run.

What do you think? Does the CIF have some fixing to do?

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