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Apr 04

Templeton baseball/Nipomo softball showing small schools can play

For most of the year, Templeton and Nipomo have looked up to the big boys and girls in the county in local sports. When it comes to football, volleyball, basketball, and other fall and winter sports, those two have a tough time competing against the Arroyo Grandes and Atascaderos of the world. And that’s understandable …

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Nov 16

Is there a problem with the division set-up? Are teams like Morro Bay/Templeton getting a fair shake?

This week, Morro Bay High School will face Chaminade, a school in football that gave Arroyo Grande High a run for its money last year in the playoffs. Morro Bay and other local schools such as Templeton in the Los Padres League moved up a division from the Northwest last year to the Western this …

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