“Hello, 911, what’s your emergency?”

The answer to that question is not as mundane as you might think, even for San Luis Obispo County. Law enforcement respond to dozens of calls from each city each day, ranging from the serious to the silly.

The goal with this blog is to take a lighthearted look at the odder calls that come in to our local police stations. Efforts are made to protect the privacy of all involved. No matter how ridiculous they might seem.

The blog will be updated each weekday with a different city. The schedule is as follows:

Monday: Atascadero

Tuesday: Paso Robles

Wednesday: Pismo Beach

Thursday: San Luis Obispo

Friday: Grover Beach

We are not yet getting information from Arroyo Grande, Morro Bay or the Sheriff’s Department. Those agencies will be added to the blog once we get data.

The photos used in the blog are all stock photos from photos.com, and were not taken from the scene of the crime.


  1. Terre

    This is a wonderful blog! I can’t believe all this weird stuff is going on around here.

    I am trying to get the RSS feed but it isn’t functioning. Please put me on email notification for SLO (or all) of your postings.

    Your headlines add greatly to the comic relief!

  2. Danny

    The RSS feed can be found here: http://sloblogs.thetribunenews.com/whatsyouremergency/feed/
    It looks like it’s working fine to me.

  3. Terre

    Thanks, Danny. I was able to get the RSS set up with the link you provided, but the link at top right (right under Home) still does not work for me. I’m on a Mac in either Firefox or Safari.

  4. Danny

    Right enough. I have corrected those links now. Thanks for letting us know!

  5. Professor

    ” Two Suspects were arrested early Sat. morning (Sept 18) after another vandalism spree in Shell Beach…Vandalism occurred from Alex’s Bar up to The Steaming Bean Coffee Shop . Signs, benches, newspaper racks, and fences were tossed and damaged. A Shell Beach resident woke up to the noise around 2:15 AM and observed the 2 ruffians at work. The resident promptly called the police, who in short order apprehended the 2 suspects. CONGRATULATIONS! Accommodations were provided at SLO County jail for the out-of-town hooligans. [PBPD event #1009180007] “

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