Apr 16

Grover Beach, Feb. 21-27, 2010

Thursday: See? It's pretty common.

12:08 p.m. Monday | 500 block 12th St. | Theft

Unauthorized payment?

A victim discovered an unauthorized payment of an AT&T bill on her bank account record made by an unknown suspect in Dallas, Texas.

7:28 p.m. Tuesday | 1400 block Ramona Avenue | Vandalism

Thought that only happened in books or movies

An apartment window was broken, possibly by explosives/fireworks.

10 p.m. Tuesday | 295 W. Grand Ave. | Vandalism, $400 to $5,000

Way to ruin a good night

An unknown person smashed out three windows of the victim’s truck while it was parked at O’Riely’s.

11:38 p.m. Wednesday | 1500 Mentone Ave. | Vandalism/graffiti

It was probably an accurate observation

Someone graffitied the word “stink” in the men’s restroom at the Mentone Basin Park.

Thursday | 300 Front Street | Vandalism/graffiti

Probably more shocking if there wasn’t graffiti

Graffiti vandalism was found on railroad cars.

8 a.m. Friday | 400 block Trouville Ave. | Annoying telephone calls

I think that’s the point

A woman reported receiving annoying phone calls from a debt collector company.

Friday | 1510 Brighton Ave. | Trespassing

Seriously, dude. There’s a whole sandy beach out there.

A transient reportedly trespasses on the construction site and builds a campfire, causing damage to a wood floor.

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