Feb 14

Odd calls to Paso Robles police, Feb. 5-11

6:47 a.m. Tuesday | 1000 Spring St. | Suspcious circumstances

Early bookworm

A woman was reportedly sleeping on  a bench outside the south entrance to the City Hall lobby. She was covered by a blanket. Officers contacted the woman, who said she was not sleeping, but was waiting for the library to open.

9:34 a.m. Saturday | 1740 Spring St. | Check the welfare

Sugar high

A man was passed out behind DK Donuts.

6:40 p.m. Saturday | 1135 24th St. | Stolen vehicle

Found it!

A man said his black BMW had been stolen. He had the keys, and no one else had permission to drive it. It was parked in the back lot of the Best Western. The man then said he would call back, as he believed he may have parked it somewhere else in the lot. He did indeed later find his vehicle.

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