Jan 10

Odd calls to Paso Robles police, Jan. 1-7

10:58 a.m. Tuesday | 2970 Union Road | Animal problem


A loose cow was charging people in a field at Barney Schwartz Park.

8:10 a.m. Wednesday | 700 block of Red Cloud Road | Hit and run

He’s not going to take it anymore!

A man in a Ford Mustang hit a parked vehicle and became argumentative with another person. That person suspected the man was under the influence, and called 911. Officers contacted the man, who was not under the influence, but was made at the government.

9:13 a.m. Wednesday | 700 block of Brahma Street | Suspicious circumstances

Neighborhood watch

A resident said she was house-watching for a neighbor, and she saw a gray SUV parked in their driveway. She said the owners were not home. The SUV had no front plate and was backed up against the garage door. Officers arrived and found the homeowners, who had returned.

12:57 p.m. Thursday | 939 Spring St. | Other

No room for you at the inn

A woman refused to check out of the Melody Ranch Motel. She had prepaid for several days, but was due to check out that day, according to management. The motel did not want to extend her visit, even if she could pay. The woman was to move to the Economy Inn since she had worn out her welcome. However, the woman thought the Economy Inn was a free homeless shelter and she refused to pay for the room. She went to City Park.

3:18 p.m. Thursday | 160 Niblick Road | Malicious mischief

Not a good business practice

A man putting fliers on cars in the Staples parking lot was also reportedly using a tool to key the cars.

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