Nov 23

Odd calls to Paso Robles police, Nov. 14-20

11:42 a.m. Sunday | 2600 block Spring Street | Suspicious circumstances

Sounds fishy

A person was seen lying in front of the doors of Loaves and Fishes, wrapped in plastic with their bare feet sticking out.

10:17 p.m. Sunday | 900 Park Street | Citizen assist

Cleared conscience

A man came into the police department lobby to inquire if he was wanted by the police. He was clear.

2:01 a.m. Monday | 1108 Pine Street | Peace disturbance

False alarm

Two men were reportedly about to fight in the downtown City Park right across from Coldstone, a person at Downtown Brew said. The person called back to cancel a minute later, saying the duo shook hands and were going in different directions.

5:39 p.m. Monday | 711 12th St. | Found property

Is drinking the first?

Keys were left at the front of ReMax Real Estate, and employee was going to bring them to the police department. The keychain was a can opener that said “smiling is the second best thing you can do with your lips.”

6:08 p.m. Monday | 200 block Oak | Suspicious circumstances

Human scanner

An anonymous caller called 911 and said “20x, drugs” then disconnected. The person called back shortly after and said “That’s Oak Street, bye” and hung up again. The person called back a third time and said “breaking and entering” before disconnecting. An officer searched the area and said drug use was apparent, but nothing anyone could be arrested for.

2:58 p.m. Tuesday | 180 Niblick Road | Suspicious circumstances

Close encounters of the

school kind

A caller said a UFO moved above the Dry Creek apartments. Multiple other people called 911 to report a black object in the sky. A Paso Robles High School teacher said it was a science experiment that got away. The object was a 70-foot long string of black balloons.

3:20 p.m. Tuesday | 2000 block Fallbrook | Suspicious circumstances

Thieves are usually pretty quiet

A resident said someone rang her doorbell at 8 p.m. The woman said she was concerned because one of her neighbors had their car stolen.

3:22 p.m. Tuesday | 3400 block Spring Street | Other


A resident said they were sent a direct opinion marketing survey in the mail, and also got a check for $1,200. The victim deposited the check and sent $1,000 back to the “marketers.” It was a scam.

3:43 p.m. Tuesday | 1400 block Oak Street | Peace disturbance


A 17-year-old boy jumped out his guardian’s van at Central Coast Oral Surgery. The boy argued with the guardian and said he did not want to be told to go inside the office. A few minutes later he went inside for his appointment.

4:03 p.m. Tuesday | 100 block 19th Street | Juvenile problem

Life will be so much easier when you’re an adult. Not.

A woman said she was having problems with her juvenile daughter. The juvenile just left the residence, saying she would be back later because she did not want to finish cleaning her bathroom.

7:37 a.m. Wednesday | 1900 block Tulipwood | Suspicious circumstances

No, I didn’t really endorse Viagra

A resident said his e-mail has been compromised. Disturbing, obscene material was sent to all the subjects in his address book.

9:39 a.m. Thursday | Hwy. 46 and 101 | Traffic hazard


A man was standing in the middle of the intersection, with his feet together and looking up into the sky. Some 911 callers said he is stopping vehicles; it was unknown if he was asking for money. The man, who was in his 40s and had long hair and a bear, was removed from the roadway and cited.

3:04 a.m. Friday | Dorothy at Jeanne | Vehicle stop

Got to hit all the driveways

A vehicle was “all over the roadway.” It turned out to be a newspaper delivery driver. The driver was told to be more cautious.

5:39 p.m. Friday | 180 Niblick | Peace disturbance


A tow truck with a horn that sounded like a fire truck had been driving around the Albertson’s and Walmart parking lots honking at other vehicles.

7:23 p.m. Friday | 1300 block Oak Ridge Way | Animal problem

Pepe le eww

A skunk got into a residence and sprayed. The skunk was still in the home, possibly in the kitchen. The residents were going to leave for the night and call a trapper the next day.

11:28 a.m. Saturday | 100 block Capitol Hill Drive | Juvenile problem

Not going to work

A girl was trying to choke herself with her hand.

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