Nov 15

Odd calls to Paso Robles police, Nov. 6-12

9:56 a.m. Sunday | 180 Niblick Road | Other

Ill communication

A man said he was threatened at Walmart by another shopper. The man supposedly told the other that he was “going to beat him up” and asked him to go outside. Officers contacted the man who reportedly made the threats, who denied saying anything other than “hello.”

7:53 a.m. Monday | Albertsons | Suspicious circumstances

Spruce up, man

A transient next to the front door at Albertsons was described as an eyesore.

10:45 p.m. Tuesday | 408 Turtle Creek Drive | Suspicious circumstances

Probably got her porridge, too

A woman said she had just arrived home and found three female strangers sleeping in her bed. She did not know how they got in the house. Officers said the woman was elderly and possibly had a bad dream.

8:38 p.m. Wednesday | 815 St. Andrews Circle | Other

Hazardous to your health

A resident complained of a large bonfire in a neighbor’s backyard. Officers contacted the neighbor, who said he was smoking near the garage, which ignited some gas and caught a few items on fire.

3:28 p.m. Saturday | 1924 Creston Road | Malicious mischief

Getting their money’s worth

A customer hit a fence at a convenience store. The customer came to a civil agreement with the business and paid the store employee $50. The customer bought some alcohol and then went outside and damaged more of the fence.

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